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Dernière mise à jour de la liste de livres avec ajout de nouveaux titres - 13/02/23

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Title Author Condition Price (Euros)
The Alteration Amis Kingsley fair 1,50
Sense & Sensibility Austen Jane fair 2,00
Pride and Prejudice Austen Jane good 2,50
Robinson Crusoe Defoe Daniel good 2,50
English Short Stories of Today ed Devin Dan fair 2,00
The Rendezvous and Other Stories Du Maurier Daphne good 2,50
Madame Bovary (in English) Flaubert G good 2,00
The Diary Of A Nobody George & Weedon Grossmith good 2,00
Far From the Madding Crowd Hardy Thomas good 2,50
The Odyssey Homer good 2,00
The Odyssey Homer (Penguin Classics) good 2,00
The Huntchback of Notredame Hugo Victor good 2,50
Three Men in a Boat Jerome Jerome K good 2,00
The Europeans James Henry good 2,50
The Virgin and the Gipsy Lawrence DH fair 2,00
The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain good 2,50
Satan in the Suburbs & Other Stories Russell Bertrand fair 3,00
Vanity Fair Thackeray William M fair 2,00
The Lord of The Rings – Full (parts 1,2,3) Tolkein JRR fair 3,00
The Lord of The Rings: 2 The Two Towers Tolkien JRR poor 1,50
The Lord of The Rings – Part 2 The Two Towers Tolkein JRR good 3,50
The Lord of The Rings – Part 3 The Return of the King Tolkein JRR good 3,50
Framley Parsonage Trollope Anthony fair 2,00
Vile Bodies Waugh Evelyn good 2,00
Mary and the Wrongs of Woman Wollstonecraft Mary fair 2,50
Mrs Dalloway Woolf Virginia good 2,00