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Dernière mise à jour de la liste de livres avec ajout de nouveaux titres - 04/06/2022

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Title Author Condition Price (Euros)
Give Me Your Hand Abbott Megan good 2,00
The Clerkenwell Tales Ackroyd Peter v good 2,50
Three Brothers Ackroyd Peter v good 2,50
Alentejo Blue Ali Monica good 2,00
Alentejo Blue Ali Monica good 2,00
Brick Lane Ali Monica good 2,00
Heavy Water and Other Stories Amis Martin fair 1,50
Night Train Amis Martin fair 1,50
Crusade Anderson Taylor good 2,00
Into The Storm Anderson Taylor good 2,00
Maelstronm Anderson Taylor v good 2,00
Case Histories Atkinson Kate good 2,00
Emotionally Weird Atkinson Kate fair 1,50
Bluebeard’s Egg Attwood Margeret good 2,00
The Blind Assassin Atwood Margaret good 2,50
A Man Called Ove Backman Fredrik good 2,00
The Forgotten Baldacci David fair 1,50
The Sixth Man Baldacci David good 2,00
Zero Day Baldacci David good 2,00
Espedair Street Banks Iain fair 1,50
The Wasp Factory Banks Iain fair 1,50
Whit Banks Iain fair 1,50
The Steep Approach to Garbdale Banks Ian fair 1,50
The Elegance of the Hedgehog Barbery Muriel fair 1,50
Broken Promise Barclay Linwood good 2,00
Never Look Away Barclay Linwood good 2,00
No Safe House Barclay Linwood v good 2,50
No Time for Goodbye Barclay Linwood good 2,00
The Accident Barclay Linwood fair 1,50
Too Close to Home Barclay Linwood good 2,00
Regeneration Barker Pat fair 1,50
The Eye in the Door Barker Pat fair 1,50
The Ghost Road Barker Pat fair 1,50
The Ghost Road Barker Pat fair 1,50
The Lemon Table Barnes Julian good 2,00
The Sense of an Ending Barnes Julian good 2,00
The Versions of Us Barnett Laura v good 2,50
Havoc in its 3rd Year Bennett R fair 1,50
The Catastrophist Bennett R good 2,00
Notwithstanding Bernieres Louis de fair 1,50
The Third Secret Berry Steve fair 1,50
The Shining Girls Beukes Lauren good 2,00
The Dying Hours Billingham Mark good 2,00
Dublin 4 Binchy Maeve fair 1,00
Echoes Binchy Maeve fair 1,50
Firefly Summer Binchy Maeve fair 1,50
Scarlett Feather Binchy Maeve fair 1,50
Tara Road Binchy Maeve fair 1,50
The Copper Beech Binchy Maeve fair 1,50
Change of Heart Bingham Charlotte fair 1,50
The Nightingale Sings Bingham Charlotte poor 1,00
To Hear A Nightingale Bingham Charlotte fair 1,50
Travelling Alone Bjork Samuel fair 1,50
Christine Falls Black Benjamin good 2,00
Even The Dead Black Benjamin v good 2,50
The Aardvark is Ready for War Blinn James fair 1,50
Psycho Bloch Robert fair 1,50
The Dead Place Booth Stephen good 2,00
Am I Normal Yet? Bourne Holly good 2,00
Pantheon Bourne Sam v good 2,50
The Righteous Man Bourne Sam good 2,00
The Ascent of Rum Doodle Bowman WE good 2,00
Armadillo Boyd W fair 1,50
Ordinary Thunderstorms Boyd William v good 2,50
Stars and Bars Boyd William good 2,00
Crystal Rooms Bragg Melvyn fair 1,50
Brief Lives Brookner Anita v good 2,25
Year of Wonders Brooks Geraldine fair 1,50
Raven Strike Brown Dale / DeFelice Jim good 2,00
The Sacred Bones Byrnes Michael v good 2,50
The Secret Ways of Perfume Caboni Cristina v good 2,50
The Rule of Four Caldwell I & Thomason D fair 1,50
The Trouble With Goats and Sheep Cannon Joanna good 2,00
The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith Carey Peter fair 1,50
The Whisperer Carrisi Donato v good 2,50
East of Nowhere Chalmers R good 2,00
Before the Storm Chamberlain Diane good 2,00
In a Good Light Chambers Clare fair 1,50
The Art Thief Charney Noah good 2,00
Girl With the Pearl Earring Chevalier Tracy v good 2,50
The Virgin Blue (uncorrected version) Chevalier Tracy v good 2,50
Death Match Child Lincoln fair 1,50
Executive Orders Clancy Tom fair 1,50
The Sum of All Fears Clancy Tom poor 1,00
The Other Hand Cleave Chris v good 2,50
Telling Tales Cleeves Ann fair 1,50
The Contortionists Handbook Clevenger Craig good 2,00
Back Spin Coben Harlan good 2,00
Deal Breaker Coben Harlan good 2,00
No Second Chance Coben Harlan fair 1,50
Play Dead Coben Harlan fair 1,50
Promise Me Coben Harlan good 2,00
Tell No One Coben Harlan fair 1,50
The Final Detail Coben Harlan good 2,00
The Innocent Coben Harlan good 2,00
A Touch Of Love Coe Jonathan good 2,00
The Closed Circle Coe Jonathan good 2,00
The Dwarves of Death Coe Jonathan v good 2,50
The House of Sleep Coe Jonathan v good 2,50
The Rotters’ Club Coe Jonathan fair 1,50
The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim Coe Jonathan fair 1,50
The Devil and Miss Prym Coelho Paulo good 2,00
The Fifth Mountain Coelho Paulo v good 2,50
The Zahir Coelho Paulo good 2,00
Elizabeth Costello Coetzee JM v good 2,50
Working Wonders Colgan Jenny fair 1,50
A Silver Lining / Spoils of War Collier Catrin fair 1,50
Lovers and Gamblers Collins Jackie poor 1,00
When Mr Dog Bites Conaghan Brian v good 2,50
Angels Flight Connelly Michael fair 1,50
Angels Flight Connelly Michael good 2,00
Angels Flight Connelly Michael good 2,00
Blood Work Connelly Michael fair 1,50
Echo Park Connelly Michael good 2,00
Lost Flight Connelly Michael fair 1,50
The Black Echo / The Black Ice Connelly Michael fair 2,00
The Black Echo / The Black Ice Connelly Michael fair 1,50
The Fifth Witness Connelly Michael fair 1,50
The Harry Bosch Mysteries (3 books in 1) Connelly Michael good 2,00
The Lincoln Lawyer Connelly Michael fair 1,50
Trunk Music Connelly Michael fair 1,50
The Mallen Streak Cookson Catherine fair 1,50
Liberty Coonts Stephen fair 1,50
The Disciple Coonts Stephen fair 1,50
Wicked Cooper Jilly good 2,00
Gubu Nation Corless Damian good 2,00
Rebel Cornwell Bernard fair 1,50
Rebel Cornwell Bernard good 2,00
Stonehenge Cornwell Bernard poor 1,00
The Bloody Ground Cornwell Bernard fair 1,50
Vagabond Cornwell Bernard poor 1,00
Black Notice Cornwell Patricia fair 1,50
Blow Fly Cornwell Patricia fair 1,50
Body of Evidence Cornwell Patricia fair 1,50
Book of the Dead Cornwell Patricia fair 1,50
Cause of Death Cornwell Patricia poor 1,00
Cause of Death Cornwell Patricia fair 1,50
Cruel and Unusual Cornwell Patricia poor 1,00
Post Mortem Cornwell Patricia fair 1,50
Southern Cross Cornwell Patricia fair 1,50
The Body Farm Cornwell Patricia poor 1,00
The Last Precinct Cornwell Patricia fair 1,50
Unnatural Exposure Cornwell Patricia fair 1,50
The Dollmaker’s Daughter Court Dilly fair 1,00
Congo Crichton Michael fair 1,50
Next Crichton Michael fair 1,50
State of Fear Crichton Michael fair 1,50
The Saffron Kitchen Crowther Yasmin v good 2,50
Mr Mee Crumley Andrew good 2,00
Peacocks’ Acre Curry Jennifer fair 1,50
Blue Gold Cussler Clive good 2,00
Corsair Cussler Clive good 2,00
Deep Six Cussler Clive fair 1,50
Fire Ice Cussler Clive good 2,00
Flood Tide Cussler Clive good 2,00
Pacific Vortex Cussler Clive fair 1,50
Precipice Cussler Clive fair 1,50
Sacred Stone Cussler Clive fair 1,50
Shockwave Cussler Clive fair 1,50
White Death Cussler Clive good 2,00
Over To You Dahl Roald very good 2,50
The Cunning Man Davies Robertson fair 1,50
Edge Deaver Jeffery good 2,00
Manhattan is my Beat Deaver Jeffery fair 1,50
The Blue Nowhere Deaver Jeffery fair 1,50
The Broken Window Deaver Jeffery fair 1,50
Twisted Deaver Jeffery fair 1,50
Faith Deighton Len good 2,00
The Amethysts Delaney F fair 1,50
Nightfall Demille Nelson fair 1,50
Plum Island Demille Nelson fair 1,50
The Lion Demille Nelson fair 1,50
Morse’s Greatest Mystery Dexter Colin poor 1,00
Ratking Dibdin Michael fair 1,50
Thanksgiving Dibdin Michael good 2,00
Eureka Diehl William fair 1,00
Churchill’s Hour Dobbs Michael fair 1,50
Zoology Dolnick B good 2,00
Lake in the Clouds Donati Sara fair 1,50
Room Donoghue Emma good 2,00
Home and Dry in France East George fair 1,50
The Immigrants East Howard fair 1,50
Maroc Easterman Daniel good 2,00
The Long Way Home Ebert Alan fair 1,50
The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana Eco Umberto good 2,00
Samson and Delilah Edmonds Frances fair 1,00
The Villa in Italy Edmondson Elizabeth fair 1,50
The Food Taster Elbling Peter good 2,00
Sadie Elliott Jane fair 1,50
Time and Time Again Elton Ben good 2,00
Mr Toppit Elton C good 2,00
Elizabeth Is Missing Emma Healy good 2,00
House of Echoes Erskine Barbara fair 1,50
The Brave Evans Nicholas fair 1,50
The Smoke Jumper <