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Title Author Condition Price (Euros)
The Commissariat of Enlightenment Kalfus Ken v good 2,50
Los Alamos Kanon J fair 1,50
A Necessary Evil Kava Alex good 2,00
The Soul Catcher Kava Alex fair 1,50
The Briefcase Kawakami Hiromi very good 2,50
The Darkest Road Kay Guy Gavriel fair 1,50
Dirty Game Keane Jessie good 2,00
Allegro Postillions Keates Jonathan fair 1,50
Silent Partner Kellerman Jonathan fair 1,50
Therapy Kellerman Jonathan good 2,00
Murder is All the Rage Kellerman Jonathon good 2,00
Someone Like You Kelly, Cathy Fair 1,50
Devil to Pay Kemp, Ross Good 2,00
Gossip From the Forest Keneally Thomas fair 1,50
Schindler’s List Keneally Thomas fair 1,50
The Woman in the Fifth Kennedy, Douglas Good 2,00
The Death Collectors Kerley Jack fair 1,50
Greeks Bearing Gifts Kerr Philip good 2,00
The Other Side of Silence Kerr Philip v good 2,50
Angels Keyes Marian good 2,00
Mirage Khashoggi Soheir poor 1,00
Needful Things King Stephen poor 0,50
When we Were Romans Kneale Matthew good 2,00
77 Shadow Street Koontz Dean fair 1,50
The Mask Koontz Dean poor 0,50
The Historian Kostova Elizabeth good 2,00
Scruples Krantz Judith poor 1,00
The Impressionist Kunzru Hari fair 1,50
The Namesake Lahiri Jhumpa v good 2,50
Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures Lam Vincent good 2,00
Walking in Darkness Lamb Charlotte fair 1,50
Good Me Bad Me Land Ali good 2,00
The Girls Lansens Lori good 2,00
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest Larsson Stieg good 2,00
The Girl Who Played With Fire Larsson Stieg good 2,00
The Girl With the Dragon tattoo Larsson Stieg good 2,00
Blackbird Lauck Jennifer fair 1,50
Island Laymon Richard fair 1,50
Denim Detective Lee Adrianne fair 1,00
The Girl From Barefoot House Lee Maureen fair 1,50
The leaving of Liverpool Lee, Maureen Fair 1,50
About Face Leon Donna v good 2,50
Alfred & Emily Lessing Doris fair 2,00
Girl’s Night Out Lette Kathy good 1,50
The Boys From Brazil Levin Ira fair 1,50
Speak Softly, She Can Hear Lewis P v good 2,50
Forgotten Lewis Susan good 2,00
Stolen Lewis Susan fair 1,50
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian Lewycka Marina good 2,00
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian Lewycka Marina v good 2,50
Two Caravans Lewycka Marina good 2,00
We Are All Made of Glue Lewycka Marina good 2,00
We Are All Made of Glue Lewycka Marina poor 1,00
The Colour of Night Lindsay David fair 1,50
How it All Began Lively Penelope good 2,00
Ibrahim Reenie Llewellyn D good 2,00
The Aquitaine Progression Ludlum Robert fair 1,50
The Bourne Identity Ludlum Robert fair 1,50
The Chancellor Manuscript Ludlum Robert fair 1,25
The Lazarus Vendetta Ludlum Robert good 2,00
The Matarese Circle Ludlum Robert fair 1,50
Blind Eye MacBride Stuart good 2,00
Broken Skin MacBride Stuart good 2,00
Close to the Bone MacBride Stuart good 2,00
Cold Granite MacBride Stuart good 2,00
Dying Light MacBride Stuart fair 1,50
Dying Light MacBride Stuart v good 2,50
Flesh House MacBride Stuart good 2,00
Flashman (1st book) MacDonald Fraser George fair 1,50
Grace Notes MacLaverty Bernard fair 1,50
Once Upon a Time MacLean Harry fair 1,50
His Bloody Project Macrae Burnet Graeme fair 1,50
Some Day I’ll Find You Madeley Richard good 2,00
Fludd Mantel Hilary fair 1,50
The Lost Relic Mariani Scott good 2,00
Chronicle of a Death Foretold Marquez Gabriel Garcia fair 1,50
In Evil Hour Marquez Gabriel Garcia v good 2,50
Love in the Time of Cholera Marquez Gabriel Garcia v good 2,50
No one Writes to the Colonel Marquez Gabriel Garcia good 2,00
One Hundred Years of Solitude Marquez Gabriel Garcia v good 2,50
Strange Pilgrims Marquez Gabriel Garcia v good 2,50
The Autumn of the Patriarch Marquez Gabriel Garcia v good 2,50
The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor Marquez Gabriel Garcia v good 2,50
The High Mountains of Portugal Martel Yann good 2,00
A Dance with Dragons 1: Dreams and Dust Martin, George RR Fair 1,50
A dance with dragons 2: After the feast Martin, George RR Fair 1,50
The Simeon Chamber Martini Steve good 2,00
Past Imperfect Matthews John fair 1,50
Black Cat Maxwell Jenny fair 1,50
A Year in Provence Mayle Peter good 2,00
Toujours Provence Mayle Peter good 2,00
The Evidence Against You McAllister Gillian fair 1,50
Singing bird McAuley, Roisin Fair 1,50
The Thorn Birds McCullough Colleen poor 1,00
Fever of the Bone McDermid Val good 2,00
Insidious Intenet McDermid Val good 2,00
The Mermaids Singing McDermid Val fair 1,50
The Retribution McDermid Val v good 2,50
Amsterdam McEwan Ian good 2,00
On Chesil Beach McEwan Ian fair 1,50
Saturday McEwan Ian fair 1,50
Saturday McEwan Ian good 2,00
Dr Haggard’s Disease McGrath P good 2,00
If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things McGregor Jon fair 1,50
No Choice But to Surrender McKinney Meagan fair 1,00
The Rose of Sebastapol McMahon Katharine good 2,00
Aggressor McNab Andy fair 1,00
Almost Heaven McNaught Judith good 2,00
The People’s Acts of Love Meek James good 2,00
Jacob’s Folly Miller R v good 2,50
The Most Wanted Mitchard Jacqueline fair 1,50
Slade House Mitchell David as new 3,00
The Bone Clocks Mitchell David good 2,00
The Bone Clocks Mitchell David fair 1,50
Heartbreak Hotel Moggach Deborah fair 1,50
Tulip Fever Moggach Deborah fair 1,50
House of Moons Moody Susan fair 1,50
Corum Moorcock, Micheal Fair 1,50
The Case of Thomas N Morley John David fair 1,50
The Tattooist of Auschwitz Morris Heather v good 2,50
South of the River Morrison Blake fair 1,50
The Balfour Legacy – Annie’s Secret Mortimer Carole good 1,50
First Born Mortman Doris fair 1,50
Rightfully Mine Mortman Doris fair 1,50
The Distant Hours Morton Kate good 2,00
The House at Riverton Morton Kate good 2,00
The House at Riverton Morton Kate fair 1,50
The Nightwatchman’s Occurrence Book Naipaul VS good 2,00
Mama Day Naylor Gloria Fair 1,50
Suite Francaise Nemirovsky Irene good 2,00
Police Nesbo Jo v good 2,50
The Redbreast Nesbo Jo fair 1,50
The Redeemer Nesbo Jo good 2,00
The Two Pound Tram Newton William as new 2,50
Purple hibiscus Ngozie Adichie, Chimamanda Fair 1,50
Mullaway Nichols Bron good 2,00
The Wind Singer Nicholson William fair 1,50
Second From Last in the Sack Race Nobbs David fair 1,50
The Cucumber Man Nobbs David fair 1,50
The Tenko Club Noble Elizabeth fair 1,50
Post Captain O’Brian Patrick good 2,00
Star Of the Sea O’Connor Joseph good 2,00
Snuff Palahniuk C good 2,00
A Woman’s Eye Paratesky Sara fair 1,50
Behind Closed Doors Paris BA fair 1,50
Say Nothiing Parks Brad good 2,00
Man and Boy Parsons Tony good 2,00
Man and Wife Parsons Tony fair 1,50
One For my Baby Parsons Tony fair 1,50
12th of Never Paterson James good 2,00
3rd Degree Paterson James good 2,00
Alex Cross’s Trial Paterson James good 2,00
Cross Paterson James fair 1,50
I, Alex Cross Paterson James fair 1,50
Jack and Jill Paterson James fair 1,50
Kiss The Girls Paterson James good 2,00
Lifeguard Paterson James fair 1,50
Lifeguard Paterson James fair 1,50
Private Paterson James fair 1,50
Step on a Crack Paterson James fair 1,50
The Big Bad Wolf Paterson James fair 1,50
The Lake House Paterson James good 2,00
Along came a spider Patterson, James Fair 1,50
Humans, Bow Down Patterson, James Good 2,00
Limestone Cowboy Pawson Stuart fair 1,50
The Gormenghast Trilogy Peake Mervyn fair 1,50
Falls of the Shadow Penman Sharon good 2,00
The Tenderness of Wolves Penney Stef good 2,00
Guantanamo Boy Perera Anna fair 1,50
Up and Down in the Dales Phinn Gervase fair 1,50
My Sister’s Keeper Picoult Jodie fair 1,50
Nineteen Minutes Picoult Jodie good 2,00
Second Glance Picoult Jodie fair 1,50
Salem Falls Picoult Jodie fair 2,00
The Pact Picoult Jodie good 2,00
Vanishing Acts Picoult Jodie good 2,00
An Ocean Apart Pilcher Robin good 2,00
September Pilcher Rosamunde poor 1,00
The Empty House Pilcher Rosamunde good 2,00
The Shell Seekers Pilcher Rosamunde poor 1,00
The Chosen Potok Chaim fair 1,50
The Dead of Winter Poyer David fair 1,50
Feet of Clay Pratchet, Terry Fair 1,50
Guards! Guards! Pratchet, Terry Fair 1,50
Interesting Times Pratchet, Terry Good 2,00
Making money Pratchet, Terry Fair 1,50
Night Watch Pratchet, Terry Good 2,00
Small Gods Pratchet, Terry Fair 1,50
The Colour of Magic Pratchet, Terry Fair 1,50
The Fifth Elephant Pratchet, Terry Fair 1,50
The Truth Pratchet, Terry Poor 1,00
Thief of Time Pratchet, Terry Fair 1,50
Thud! Pratchet, Terry Fair 1,50
Wintersmith Pratchet, Terry Good 2,00
The Gates of Fire Pressfield, Steven Fair 1,50
The Afghan campaign Pressfield, Steven Fair 1,50
La Cucina Prior Lily good 2,00
The Good Man Jesus & the Scoundrel Christ Pullman Philip v good 2,50
Blessings Quindlen Anna fair 1,50
Butterflies in December/Walnut shell days Ramsay, Eileen Fair 1,50
The Falls Rankin Ian fair 1,50
The Toyminator Rankin Robert fair 1,50
Freefall Read Tom fair 1,50
206 Bones Reichs Kathy fair 1,50
Cross Bones Reichs Kathy good 2,00
Cross Bones Reichs Kathy poor 1,00
Deja Dead Reichs Kathy fair 1,50
Deja Dead Reichs Kathy fair 1,50
Flash and Bones Reichs Kathy fair 1,50
Grave Secrets Reichs Kathy fair 1,50
Simisola Rendell Ruth fair 1,50
Wild Sargasso Sea Rhys Jean good 2,00
Don’t Step on The Lines Richards Ben good 2,00
The Marketmaker Ridpath Michael fair 1,50
Night Bus Rigosi Giampiero fair 1,50
The light behind the window Riley, Lucinda Fair 1,50
At Risk Rimington Stella fair 1,50
When it Happens to You Ringwald good 2,00
Memory in Death Robb JD (Roberts Nora) fair 1,50
The Mountain Shadow Roberts Gregory David good 2,00
Vision in White Roberts Nora fair 1,50
Aftermath Robinson Peter fair 1,50
Bad Boy Robinson Peter good 2,00
Friend of the Devil Robinson Peter good 2,00
Piece of My Heart Robinson Peter good 2,00
The Delta Solution Robinson Peter good 2,00
The Price of Love Robinson Peter good 2,00
Watching the Dark Robinson Peter v good 2,50
Wednesday’s Child Robinson Peter fair 1,50
The Little Coffee Shop Of Kabul Rodiguez Deborah very good 2,50
The Kabul Beauty School Rodriguez Deborah good 2,00
Normal People Rooney Sally v good 2,50
Die For Me Rose Karen good 2,00
I’m Watching You Rose Karen fair 1,50
No One Left to Tell Rose Karen fair 1,75
Split Skirt Rossi Agnes fair 1,50
Sarah’s Key Rosnay Tatiana de good 2,00
The God of Small Things Roy Arundhati fair 1,50
The God of Small Things Roy Arundhati good 2,00
The Ministry of the Utmost Happiness Roy Arundhati good 2,00
The Interpretation of Murder Rubenfeld Jed good 2,00
The Shadow of the Wind Ruiz Zafon C v good 2,50
The Shadow of the Wind Ruiz Zafron Carlos v good 2,50
lennox Russell Craig v good 2,50
Ultimate Weapon Ryan Chris fair 1,50
Electric God Ryan Hyde Catherine fair 1,50
Small Steps Sachar Louis v good 2,50
The Cardturner Sachar Louis good 2,00
Bad Blood Sage Lorna fair 1,50
Dark of the Moon Sandford John fair 1,50
Dark Fire Sansom CJ good 2,00
Dissolution Sansom CJ fair 1,50
Winter in Madrid Sansom CJ fair 1,50
Tenth of December Saunders George v good 2,50
Harvest Moon Saxton Judith fair 1,50
Apartment3 Scanlan Patricia fair 1,50
City Girl Scanlan Patricia fair 1,50
Double Wedding Scanlan Patricia poor 1,00
Mirror, Mirror Scanlan Patricia poor 1,00
The generals Scarrow, Simon Fair 1,50
Random Acts of Heroic Love Scheinmann Danny fair 1,50
Malarky Schofiled Anakana good 2,00
The Crystal Skull Scott Manda fair 1,50
A Division of the Spoils Book 4 of The Raj Quartet Scott Paul good 2,00
The Day of the Scorpion Book 2 of The Raj Quartet Scott Paul good 2,00
The Jewel in the Crown Book 1 of The Raj Quartet Scott Paul good 2,00
The Towers of Silence Book 3 of The Raj Quartet Scott Paul good 2,00
Kingfisher Seymour Gerald poor 1,00
The Waiting Time Seymour Gerald good 2,00
Porterhouse Blue Sharpe Tom fair 1,50
Riotous Assembly Sharpe Tom poor 1,00
The Great Pursuit Sharpe Tom fair 1,50
The Midden Sharpe Tom fair 1,50
Wilt on High Sharpe Tom fair 1,50
Rich Man, Poor Man Shaw Irwin poor 0,50
Paris! Paris! Shaw, Irwin. Searle, Ronald Fair 1,50
I Saw A Man Sheers Owen poor 1,00
Rage of Angels Sheldon Sidney fair 1,50
Larry’s Part Shields Carol good 2,00
Seating Arrangements Shipstead Maggie good 2,00
Fortune’s Rocks Shreve A good 2,00
Light on Snow Shreve A good 2,00
The Pilots Wife Shreve A fair 1,50
The Pilots Wife Shreve Anita good 2,00
We Ned to Talk About Kevin Shriver L good 2,00
Derailed Siegel James fair 1,50
Last Rituals Sigurdardottir Y fair 1,50
Eleven Hours Simons Paullina good 2,00
Major Pettigrews Last Stand Simonson H good 2,00
Major Pettigrews Last Stand Simonson Helen fair 1,50
Criminal Slaughter Karin good 2,00
Triptych Slaughter Karin fair 1,50
Family Reunion Smith Carol poor 1,00
Deadly Grace Smith Taylor fair 1,50
The Innocents Club Smith Taylor fair 1,50
Eagle in the Sky Smith Wilbur v good 2,50
N-W Smith Zadie fair 1,50
Swing Time Smith Zadie fair 1,50
The Autograph Man Smith Zadie fair 1,50
White Teeth Smith Zadie fair 1,50
White teeth Smith, Zadie Fair 1,50
Mr Rosenblums List Solomons Natasha fair 1,50
Momento Mori Spark Muriel v good 2,50
The rescue Sparks, Nicholas Fair 1,50
Home song Spencer, LaVyrle Fair 1,50
Malice Steele Danielle fair 1,50
The Ranch Steele Danielle fair 1,25
Coming Out Steele, Danielle Fair 1,50
Kennedy’s Ghost Stevens Gordon fair 1,50
Privileged Lives Stewart Edward fair 1,75
The Help Stockett, Kathryn Good 2,00
The Earth Hums in B Flat Strachan Mari v good 2,50
Kelly Park Stubbs Jean poor 1,00
Fool’s Paradise Summers Sally good 2,00
Death of Vishnu Suri Manil v good 2,50
Perfume Suskind Patrick fair 1,50
The Accidental Apprentice Swaruo Vikas good 2,00
Shuttlecock Swift G good 2,00
Anita and Me Syal Meera good 2,00
Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee Syal Meera good 2,00
Saving Fish From Drowning Tan Amy good 2,00
Theo Taylor Ed fair 1,50
Walter Minette The Ice House fair 1,50
Blinding Light Theroux Paul fair 1,50
Summer Half Thirkell Angela good 2,00
If My Father Loved Me Thomas Rosie fair 1,50
Our Tragic Universe Thomas Scarlett fair 1,50
Nineteen Twenty One Thorpe Adam fair 1,50
Ulverton Thorpe, Adam Fair 1,50
The Blackwater Lightship Toibin Colm v good 2,50
The Blackwater Llightship Toibin Colm fair 1,50
More Than You Can Say Torday Paul good 2,00
The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce Torday Paul good 2,00
Rules of Civility Towles Amor good 2,00
Love and Other Infidelities Townsend Helen fair 1,50
The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year Townsend Sue good 2,00
Barchester Towers Trollope Anthony good 2,00
The Men and the Girls Trollope Anthony fair 1,50
The Men and the Girls Trollope Anthony poor 1,00
How to Talk to a Widower Tropper Jonathan fair 1,50
How to Talk to a Widower Tropper, Jonathan Poor 1,50
The Chalk Man Tudor CJ good 2,00
A Patchwork Planet Tyler Anne fair 1,00
The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint Udall Brady fair 1,50
Brazil – A Novel Updike J fair 1,50
The Stone Carvers Urquhart Jane good 2,00
The Horrific Sufferings of the Mind Reading Monster Vallgren Carl-Johan good 2,00
Cutting For Stone Verghese Abraham fair 1,50
The Cleaner of Chartres Vickers Salley Good 2,00
The Other Side of the Story Vickers Sally good 2,00
Join Me Wallace Danny fair 1,50
The Echo Walters Minette fair 1,50
The Scold’s Bridle / The Dark Room Walters, Minette Fair 1,50
My Real Children Walton J good 2,00
The Sopranos Warner Alan good 2,00
Second Life Watson SJ v good 2,50
Australian Billionaires Way M, Andrews A, Adams J fair 1,00
The Cloning of Joanna May Weldon Faye poor 1,00
Keep You Close Whitehouse Lucie good 2,00
The lost Daughters/Thursday’s child Whitmee,Jeanne Fair 1,50
Four Letters of Love Williams Niall fair 1,50
Four Letters of Love Williams Niall fair 1,50
Nine layers of Sky Williams, Liz Good 2,00
Late Call Wilson Angus good 2,00
Instruments of Darkness Wilson, Robert Fair 1,50
A Year of Marvellous Ways Winman Sarah good 2,00
Tin Man Winman Sarah v good 2,50
Joy in the Morning Wodehouse PG fair 1,50
A Man In Full Wolf Tom fair 1,75
Contact Zero Wolstencroft David good 2,00
Wild Hops Worboyes, Sally Good 2,00
Don’t Stop The Carnival Wouk Herman fair 1,50
The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle Wroblewski David good 2,00
A Little Life Yanagihara H v good 2,50
A Little Life Yanagihara H good 2,00
Crusade Young, Robyn Good 2,00
Damnation Alley Zelazny R fair 1,50
I am The Messenger Zusak Marcus v good 2,50
Beware of Pity Zweig Stefan v good 2,50